IS THE 2020 NISMO GTR WORTH £175,000?

IS THE 2020 NISMO GTR WORTH £175,000?
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Is the 2020 Nissan Nismo GTR worth £175,000? I take the GTR for a test drive to find out! After covering 1,200 miles in the brand new Nismo GTR, can I find the pros and cons to this track focused supercar…

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36 Replies to “IS THE 2020 NISMO GTR WORTH £175,000?”

  1. Vartazian360

    The new c8 looks more exotic than this for 1/3 the price, comes with an interior that looks like it belongs in a 150k car, and will come close to the performance of the gtr with the z51 package..I think the GTR's reign has come to an end.


    They got their moneys worth out of this design. Really needs an update bad. True you can get some other supercars around the same price but if you want power and a somewhat lower profile out on the road I think it's a good choice. It's one of those park it anywhere and don't worry about it car designs but yea. Way overdue for a full update.

  3. Bmidd

    Excellent review Paul. Great video quality and I absolutely agree, I cannot see the justification for the price tag of the Niamh over the “standard” GTR. Peace and respect, Ben

  4. Chuan Yong

    Sick and tired of ppl harping on and on about the 'nismo costing too much and for that price they can get a porsche, ferrari blah blah…'
    Fair enough go get it if u can afford. Whose stopping ya?

  5. Justin D

    These are awesome cars, out of curiousity Paul are you still pursuing your drifting career? As the content was great and your actually pretty decent at drifting.
    I'm a huge fan myself but to get into it properly costs money. Just wondered if you were still trying to go ahead and make something of it? 👍👌

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