Is My Focus RS Going to Blow Up? + NEW CAR! | GARAGE

There is so much to tell you in this garage update! My new 911 GT3 is right around the corner, then let’s discuss whether my Focus RS is going to blow up… as well as the upcoming plans for March including the Geneva Motorshow, a tour Down Under, then a Nurburgring trip, PLUS I’ve got a new car on order to announce!!

To dive into more detail, you may have seen reports about the Ford Focus RS mk3 experiencing engine issues related to the head gasket which has caused a very small amount of cars to have issues (3% rate). Well, after 20,000km in nearly 2 years mine has been problem free even with the Mountune FPM 375 tune, intake and exhaust so the answer to the question: no, it’s not going to blow up.

Other news for you too, my Porsche 911 GT3 has now arrived! It’s time to collect it just a few days from now so watch this space as I can’t wait to get this next Shmeemobile adventure started. It will be featuring later in the month in the first trip it undertakes to the Nurburgring along with some of my other cars.

However, I’ve made you wait to find out what this new car that is on order is going to be… so what is it? I’ve secured an allocation for the new Focus RS Heritage Edition; one of just 50 cars that mark the very final 50 to roll off the production line in Saarlouis. I will soon be selling my blue Focus RS ahead of the arrival of both the orange Heritage Edition but also the Red Edition that is to become a major project car with a lot of things in the works. Effectively I’m trading out of my blue RS and into both a red and orange one simultaneously.

Finally, the month ahead is looking exceptionally busy as things get started with the arrival of the GT3, then almost immediately it’s off to Geneva for the mayhem of the motorshow! Straight from there I head Down Under for a big tour to New Zealand and Australia with stops in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Sydney and Melbourne. I’ll be hosting meetups in each city so watch this space for more information in due course and details of when and where they will be.

Upon return to Europe, it’ll be straight into the GT3 to depart on a road trip from London to the Ring for Car Freitag, joined by the Shmee team driving in the 675LT Spider, Vantage GT8 and AMG GT R – the wings tour you could almost call it!

I’m sorry that so much was crammed into one video, but there you have it about the garage for now. Bring on March and everything that’s in store – I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty epic…!

Thanks for watching, Tim