IDIOTS DRIVE 620BHP C63 AMG *My Next Mod!?*

IDIOTS DRIVE 620BHP C63 AMG *My Next Mod!?*
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I drive the VF Engineering 620bhp C63 AMG for a ride with Parker and Sam to discuss tuning and modifying cars…With a hilarious ending! Sam reacting to 800bhp Lamborghini Huracan accelerations!!

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50 Replies to “IDIOTS DRIVE 620BHP C63 AMG *My Next Mod!?*”

  1. Whatyasay

    Always been a fan of STG but he got on my tit in this video 🙈🙈….. Should have left him sight seeing somewhere 😂 Pound it !! POUND IT 😂😂

  2. Topnotch 1998

    Sam is being silly! Manufacturers DONT make the car perfect! They’re not allowed to make them just as good as they want because they have certain standards they have to meet, for power for instance they have to meet emissions standards, so have less power and more restrictive exhausts etc

  3. Robert Drexler

    Paul don't reduce the reliability. SAFE horsepower upgrades. Have respect for the Mercedes engine. Parker's car can blow up, don't care. Also people look like idiots when they put wings on their cars. The Lamborghini huracan already has a spoiler. Boo Hoo if its not cool enough. I'm really surprised Archie Hamilton former pro racer. Would choose to look extra dumb by getting a wing. He especially should no better.

  4. Eddie Adams

    Hey can I ask you question mate? Why did you go from an R8 to a huracan, to an m3 then a c63? We’re the super cars just to much to maintain? Not saying the saloons aren’t a blast, was just wondering.

  5. sadubone

    and that truth. i looked into tuning my car and dug deep enough to realize the power gained wasn't something i'd ever use daily, or to be fair notice readily in any place other than fuel economy. i'd pay a considerable amount of money so i could spend even more money running the car. for the sake of maybe bragging rights that it was tuned and sounded better. i side with Sam on this one. it's pretty pointless overall but still if i had the money it's hard to say what i might end up doing.

  6. Clay Octane

    I mean in America we don't keep our cars stock, a lot of us will have a car in mind to buy and the day we go to buy it there are already mods shipping

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