How to adjust ride height & corner balance your car – KW Suspension DDC – Technik

Setting your ride height is just the start when you switch to coilovers. The real beauty of using KW DDC coilovers for us was in being able to lower the car and maintain the OEM corner balance. KW and other coilovers also let you improve the corner balance or weight distribution of your car if your car doesn’t already have a good set up from the factory.

Technik and GTChannel show you how to set up the KW Suspension DDC using our project BMW E92 M3. We changed our wheels and tires to a square set up and in doing so raised the front ride height. This changed the handling characteristics. By putting on the DDC coilovers we were able to adjust the ride height and more importantly regain the stock corner weights despite the taller front tires.

Robert Choo lends us his expertise and garage to do the adjustments.

Visit our friends at KW Suspension.

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