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My full motorbike Module 1 test filmed and documented: I FAILED! Fustrating, full of pressure and nerve racking are probably 3 of the reasons why I failed…BUT I have rebooked and WE GO AGAIN!!!

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  1. Abhi praya

    Hey paul i have a trick if you have lose your balance try to straight up your left leg out. I hope thats will help to balance your bike again. Everytime i try it work paul.

  2. Mark Eden

    Apologies in advance, as I'm not a biker, but shouldn't there be more practice (the same as learning to drive a car)? Maybe just the video record, but seems like two seconds going from 125 to full test!

  3. Richard Majlinder

    Unlucky, don’t let it get to you, you’ll get through it next time. I remember when I took my bike test (did it all in a day back then) but get this, my old dear Mum took her car test in the 1960s in Europe and got a full bike license thrown in for nothing! She wouldn’t even know where the clutch is but can legally ride an R1!

  4. Colin Moran

    Great video Paul! So sorry to hear you didn't pass. I just failed my driving test a few days ago, so I knpe exactly how you feel. Very best of luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your biking adventures in the future! ???

  5. retrostu1

    Did exactly the same when I did my Mod 1 as well! Its gutting isn’t in because you know you can do it! Especially after doing the figure of 8. You’ll get there though.

  6. Andrew Dent

    Just a quick tip for next time. A U turn is best done by slipping the clutch whilst using the rear brake. Use the revs against the rear break. Hope this helps.

  7. Shiznuts

    wups. Luckily you still share the entire journey. Brush off your shoulders and get back at it again.
    I'd say the CB650R is probably the chiller bike to do the test with.
    In Austria it's too much fuzz to get your licence and once you have it there's like a multi phase trajectory over a few months time (I did my 125cc licence instead – Code 111 on the B here).
    I'm probably doing my full one next year when living back in The Netherlands, you just have to show up and pass the test as I understood. Less hassle.

  8. Mattias Andersson

    It´s much easier to handle the naked cb 650 than the CBR. On the naked bike you sitt more straight up and can move yourself much easier to get the balance.The CBR are your weight on your arms and that limits the freedom to move your body on the motorcycle. I would recomend the Naked bike for a driverslicence test.

  9. Kelt Thomas

    I was lucky enough to pass mod 1 and 2 in the same week and passes both first time that was 16 months ago but I find Evan thow I'm.a class 1 artic driver of 18 years in learning alot more about the roads and rideing a motorcycle now good luck in passing your test pal I'm rooting for you

  10. BHP Bikes

    That is the only time in a U turn you will ever not be allowed to put your foot down… after the test put your foot down… drag it… do what you like 😀

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