Hot Version The Muscle Drift Part 4of 4 Vol. 111 with Tsuchiya’s AE86 News!

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Hot Version News! After the sad passing of the DKs regular AE86 tuner Sakurai-San, Tsuchiya turns to famous AE86 tuner Tec Art to give his legendary Touge Monster more power. Check out the 7AG build!

Then we’re on to a recap of Round 2 of The Muscle Drift Series and Bihoku. Check out the action of the best street drifters and pros.

After The Muscle Drift we are happy to say Racing Drift is here! The drivers must compete head to head on-track to win. Some parts of the course are set up for regular grip driving, other parts require the drivers to drift. If you don’t drift in the right spot, you get a penalty.

We hope you enjoyed this volume. Stay tuned next week for HV 112!

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