Hot Version The Muscle Drift Part 3of 4 Hot Version Vol. 111 with Even More Daigo Saito

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We’re down to the top 8 drifters of the new Muscle Drift series. It’s time to get serious and bring your A game. Street cars, pro drivers, regular Joes, drifting. What’s not to like!
Oh yeah, Daigo Saito is here too! See him in action before he came to America to dominate Formula Drift. Will Daigo Saito dominate this top 8? Watch to find out.

The Drift Muscle series is a fresh approach to drifting competitions. Pro drifting cars have been relying too much on horsepower and money. Keiichi Tsuchiya and Daijiro Inada (of D1 fame) reset the rules. Street cars, pro and amateur drivers and a ladies class. See grassroots drifting straight from Japan!

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