Gas station car accident

TST crew members Thaddeus Brown and Zack Klapman were on their way back from filming “Big Muscle” for Drive channel. As they got into town, they saw smoke. Then they saw a car on fire. Luckily they had their cameras with them.

Watch as two cars burn to the ground, tires and windows exploding. The driver is seen held in a head lock by a plain-clothes officer, and is later arrested for, you know, lighting lots of stuff on fire. No one was hurt.

What we believe happened is the driver approached Alhambra Ave, driving down Virginia Hills Dr. Virginia Hills Dr is a steep road. The driver tried to make a yellow light, and when he turned at a high rate of speed, his car understeered and went right into the gas station. He struck a pump, which then hit the Ford Escape Hybrid on the other side, and both burst into flames. Quick acting patrons hit the emergency shut off and called 911.

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