Friends CONVINCE ME to Buy a McLaren!!

Friends CONVINCE ME to Buy a McLaren!!
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Discovering the secret DRIFT modification to the Fast and Furious Stunt McLaren 720s! Was awesome to hang out with McLaren, Universal, Oli Webb and Emelia Hartford!!

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35 Replies to “Friends CONVINCE ME to Buy a McLaren!!”

  1. Brandon Reid

    Firstly, I’d like to say you’re an idiot an actual idiot if you trade your “dream car” for a McLaren you won’t keep 6 months because you paid £160,000 and you see the depreciation and it’s worth £120,000. All we’ve heard is “my dream car the Murcielago” for months on end, the time and money put into getting it painted and mechanically sound would to me seem like a massive build up for your subscribers to just sell it without any cool content. Also, in 2-3 years the price of a manual naturally aspirated V12 will potentially be on a massive rise and a half million dollar car and a million dollar car in 5 years. Especially if the rumors of Lamborghini doing away with the V10 and V12 and only making V8 Supercars is true.

  2. Andrew Coates

    I have never driven a McClaren, but they do not evoke emotion. Perhaps if you were going to the track and then get the best from the car. But, on the public streets, will it get boring soon?

  3. Josh Rooke77

    If you sell the murci so soon you’ll regret and won’t be able to buy one again because the prices will shoot up, people are saying it’s going to go for well over 700k in the future at least, keep it for a little longer

  4. Andrea Reggi

    720 is just a Super fast car… Murcy is a Lambo a fast car a dream car has a soul and increase the value in the next time….
    So: you prefer an amazing screaming naturally aspirated v12 or a "no sound" turbocharged v8??
    also is a kind of engine so common now… Benz Ferrari Jag BMW Audi McLaren use v8… So, you are thinking to swap a special car for a common one…

  5. Allen Saunders

    People don't seem to understand the murci is only good to own as part of a car collection. Not reliable or a good daily. Very fragile and expensive to upkeep. Paul can't really afford it. He bever drives it. He needs to get rid if it and buy a supercar for the channel. It's a myth that old lambos were great cars

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