Farewell to My Vanquish!

After a very solid ownership, it is time for my Aston Martin Vanquish Volante to be unwrapped and prepared to find a new home. Having initially been bought to take part in Where’s Shmee and then Fuel Faction DUE, it has served its purpose perfectly but with the AMG GT R and Porsche GT3 inbound in the near future, it has become superfluous to requirements. Benzene and I jump into both of the V12s from the garage, including the Ferrari FF, to head over to Dub Customs to drop it off. Will you miss it too?

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Maybe one day a Vanquish S might come in to replace the outgoing car, although the Carbon Edition Volante will be hard to replace. In the mean time it has been a fun adventure, from getting your input as to what car to buy, to a year of two Aston Martins, and now mixing it up again.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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