Ducati Panigale V4s vs My Honda CBR650R

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Ducati Panigale V4s vs My Honda CBR650R
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I took advantage of the blue sky and sunshine to get my Honda CBR650R out and ride with a friend who owns a stunning Ducati Panigale V4s!

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47 Comments on “Ducati Panigale V4s vs My Honda CBR650R”

  1. You must upgrade your motovlogging setup, the GoPro goes in front of your chin and the microphone connects to the go pro and goes into your helmet. Sorry my Spaniard English though ??

  2. Good on you. Winter can be challenging on a bike but the skills you'll acquire in inclement weather will make you a better rider come Spring. Best of luck. PS: I reckon that CBR needs an aftermarket pipe.

  3. Lol comparing a Ducati v4s with his lame cbr650 loool Its like comparing a motogp-bike with a scooter….further… seems scary easy to get the mc-driving licence if he has got it…he drives like absolutely shit. In my country you had been kicked out from the test if you drove as bad as he do. Unbelivable…!

  4. Your rapid loss of familiarity with the bike and the ease with which you're able to make "silly little mistakes" is just the lack of habit/instinct/muscle memory which are such integral parts of riding on fast & powerful bikes.
    THIS IS WHY I've been banging on each of your biking episodes about NOT going too big/too fast/too quickly and not spending your first year growing into the mindset of a biker – AND getting as much training (advanced/roadcraft, off-road, circuit) as soon as possible (given the need for decent weather for some of that). INSTRUCTION is worth its weight in gold (or blood!).
    Enjoy & grow with your bike!

  5. Bad Weather Riding Tip
    Once you've sorted your summer gear, it's worth remembering that,
    A/ once you're soaked to the skin in thoroughly wet weather, you can't get any wetter
    B/ in cold weather, you can always get increasingly colder and colder, becoming more and more painful with time until you cannot physically ride any further! (or even walk/talk!)
    Ie. cold is worse than wet – though they can combine as well!

  6. EPIC !!! Paul you have apparently once again forgotten that your Vlog is called: Supercar Of London, ie about cars and no damn motorcycles. If you want to talk about such shit, you have to create a new vlog and call it Water Buffalo = Japanese motorcycles like HONDA ..

  7. The camera angle of the one looking at you looks unreal when going round the corners! ???? the one on the head is a bit annoying to watch feel like it needs to be up more ?? sick video tho mate! ????

  8. Paul glad to see your taking up two wheels and hope your enjoying it, couple of tips, get the bike suspension set for your weight.. it makes a massive difference, also when you can, get yourself on a track training day, I am an instructor at a race track, it’s not about seeing how fast you can go but really teaches you what your bike is capable of and also nip the bad habits in the butt before they become the norm.. but all in a controlled environment that has no painted lines or drain holes or cars coming the opposite way.. But watch videos on body positions.. not saying try to get your knee down more movement wise, moving your body will allow the bike to turn without having to lean the bike over as much if that makes sense.. best of luck

  9. Check out c2w on YouTube on helmet set ups it will make it easier for you as you won’t need to do a voice over, I use his set up as a dash cam at the moment and I had no issues at all,

  10. Well done great to see someone like me who loves the Supercar's and bike's. Take's time to get confident on a bike then you really start to enjoy them.

  11. I bought a grand prix red cbr650r after seeing your first video. Initially was looking at a ninja 650 and decided to go for the cbr. My test will be done soon depending in weather but I can't wait to get sorted and collect the bike next month when it arrives!

  12. Happy to see you riding man welcome to the riding family! I have 5 years of riding experience and watching this video brings me back to my days on my good old 2009 Honda cbr600rr. Just a word of advice stay focus and always ride defensively never trust them cagers. Enjoy the freedom and ride safe bro! ??

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