Dubai’s Supercars are Best at Night! | FOOD VLOG

What does Dubai have in store for us at night!? From a McLaren P1 to some unusual off-roaders, plenty of G63 AMGs, AMG GT S’ and all varieties of Rolls-Rolls models. Let’s go exploring, vlog style, and discover a little more of Dubai.

Kicking off from our base with the Audi RS 3 Sedan that has come in to replace the TT RS, we head on a sightseeing supercar spotting tour of Dubai. With seemingly endless Lamborghinis around to be spotted, the trip takes us via some of the hot spots and ultimately to find the full carbon bodied McLaren P1 from @thecaraba. With a stop beforehand for dinner at Dubai Mall, and probably the first time a shark has been in a Shmee150 video!

Thanks for watching, Tim