Does the Bentley Supersports REALLY NEED 700BHP?

700bhp… The new Bentley Supersports is clearly a veritable power machine, but does a Continental GT really need quite so much brake horsepower? Let’s take a full look at the last-hurrah to the second generation of the Bentley Continental GT in the form of the Supersports Coupe and see what it’s about! What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new car launching soon?

A special thank you goes to HR Owen Bentley Berkshire for the opportunity to drive the car and experience what it’s like.

We get started with a tour around both the exterior and interior of the car to see the changes from the Continental’s W12 Speed variant including new wheels, use of carbon fibre, a rear wing, aerodynamic bumpers and an Akrapovic exhaust system. Then it’s time to jump in and take it for a drive to experience 2,280kg combined with 710PS and 1,017Nm of torque and how that sits as a supercar or super-GT.

Thanks for watching, Tim