CREATING the LOUDEST Ferrari 458 in the UK!!

CREATING the LOUDEST Ferrari 458 in the UK!!
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I don’t mess around! The Ferrari was too quiet, and with the help of Eurospares (Tubi) and Fabspeed…I’ve created the LOUDEST Ferrari 458 in the UK!!

Eurospares Exhausts:

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The SOL Clothing Range:

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33 Replies to “CREATING the LOUDEST Ferrari 458 in the UK!!”

  1. joshua hudson

    Dude that sounds absolutely incredible!! It's awesome that you actually drive about in your supercars and that you're not a "fairweather" driver that keeps them locked away never to see daylight, it means us normal folk get to admire and dream about them hahaha

  2. Marcus Lim

    Was the fuel map changed? Fuel map for Western Europe is different to the Middle East. And what’s the point of making it louder. More quality and less quantity.

  3. Raymond Starr

    All to do with noise once more Paul but why your Lamborghini was loud far too loud and now you are trying to make this loud I can not see why only too show off in London or built up area or under a bridge I can not see any point in spending money on a perfectly good exhaust system

  4. Miguel Reynoso

    I don’t particularly like it, but don’t think it sounds as bad as people make it out to be. If you’re comparing it to that Formula 1 sound everyone expects from a 458 exhaust sure, but he still has to get some tires before he can really let it breathe in a tunnel. Hopefully with and exterior mic for the exhaust.

  5. scarfy1988

    im in shock. Ruined a well developed Ferrari V8 Noise.. youd never pass a track noise test . Sounds like my mx5. Might get you arrested. you can barely use that cars performance on the road let alone in traffic.
    Why do you think this is Cool Sol?? Seriously explain why?.

  6. tedtheturbot

    Paul: 'how much louder is the Ferrari gunna be with all this?'

    Man: 'right you wouldn't wanna go very far in it..'

    LMAO..i nearly spilt my tea when he said that..good job i wasn't eating anything

  7. Gurvinder Singh

    Paul plz do a proper exhaust video so that we can hear how the 458 screams at higher revs coz I feel it sounds a little weirder in low revs and is spoiling the V8 exhaust note. You can get a novitec exhaust system otherwise coz this exhaust is not exciting us.

  8. Stefan rhys

    It sounds like a Hoover that’s got a £2 coin stuck in it. It sounds shit. Just because it’s louder doesn’t mean it’s better, the same way shouting louder doesn’t mean you win the argument

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