COVID-19 Channel Update

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COVID-19 Channel Update
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Channel Update: Just a sit down for you all, answering some questions and hopefully helping us get through this crazy time. No fancy edit, just a raw and relaxed chat about the situation:) Hope you’re all doing well!

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47 Comments on “COVID-19 Channel Update”

  1. Hey since you have so much free time now how about replying to comments for once in your life !!! Wow what an idea it's almost like you still won't anyway . Good day mate 🙄

  2. I wish you tubers would get a different car,instead of cars other you tubers have got.. something like an rs500 cosworth or sapphire cosworth…that would be epic
    Just my opinion…keep up the good work n stay safe.

  3. Go on, buy a Maclaren you know you want to. I got the surgeon to tattoo Lamborghini on my heart when he was fixing a valve but i'd buy a Ferrari F8 Tributo if i had the money along with an Aventador S, Aston Martin Superleggera…..

  4. I work overseas and was banned for traveling to work 3 weeks ago. I was told to stay home until this is over. So I have been at home for 3 weeks and I'm starting to lose my shit. If any of you have suggestion on what to do, please let me know.

  5. Of course shmee has videos in the can from earlier times to show while this virus is going around. You have no foresight. You never go anywhere anymore. Hard to believe you had so many road trips planned and of course canceled

  6. Can’t believe the nasty comments Paul gets. He’s a genuine nice guy who’s worked hard to get where he has. He like most of us have been caught out by this. Relax everyone, and enjoy or don’t watch. Too much negativity in the world. By the way Paul, after you have totally renovated your murcielago so much you would be mad not to ppf it and enjoy it. Forget the rest , you have got the best. Take care

  7. You were one of the first to start all this supercar stuff .. you were really good in start was fun watching you but I think u lack where u actually want to take this channel …. plz read the comments reply if u can and be the same Paul as we use to see in early days and may be that is the reason u still didn’t reach a mil subs which I guessed u would be first .. and plz plz on any video stop taking full names of the cars in a single video so much it’s annoying sometimes.. was a big fan of urs but hope u get back again and I can sub ya again .. sorry if u hurt lad but jus use to love ur video but not anymore …

  8. I got a feeling that your Murcielago is sitting in the workshop forever because of financial issues, or financial issues. It is almost as if you do not miss having it on the road. Just keeping it stored away, in a workshop, for obvious reason which is not the reason.

    P.S. Anyone wanna shout out which questions that he have read out here belongs to you? Probably zero. He doesn’t read comments in the first place, where does he get those questions from?

  9. I do reviews on affordable cars. like the Audi TT, VW Golf R, Seat Leon FR, Honda Civic etc. I have motorbike videos too. I remember yourself and Sam saying theres a big market about a year ago so I did that. Check me out and Stay Safe.

  10. Agree with the comments on hot hatches but I've gone even cheaper, a 944 is practical, easy to work on and just different enough to be fun. One can exploit far more of the cars performace than a modern super or hyper car. I've got a friend who has a 400 hp Golf R. Even that is "too fast" if the police saw it. One licence up in smoke

  11. When you can again go for a supercar road trip to europe with the other folks those are the BEST videos!! And kisses and greetings from finland 😘😘😘

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