Collecting my Lamborghini REPLACEMENT!!

Collecting my Lamborghini REPLACEMENT!!
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Welcome to ‘my’ Aston Martin Vantage! A new addition to the channel thanks to Grange Cars and Aston Martin Hatfield. This Vantage will heavily feature on my channel over the next few months whilst my Lambo is in for paint!!

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39 Replies to “Collecting my Lamborghini REPLACEMENT!!”

  1. John Birkholz

    Incredible, It was beautiful when that canvas came off with no hands it was an amazing moment. If I could have smelled the wonderful leather, but your delivery was so magnificent thank you again I was able to imagine it as picking up my Aston Martin.Thank You.

  2. ZappoTan

    Aston Martin shares on the London Stock Exchange have collapsed -80% in the past year! Shareholders will not be happy to see free cars loaned out to cr*ppy secondrate YouTubers to rag around!

  3. li25892000

    I don’t think we are not going to see a lot of content of this car. Since you care about your mileage so much. With the depreciation with AM. I bet you are terrified to drive it that much. So another pointless buy

  4. Shaking 63

    Not bad as a loaner.

    You can use it as long as the paint job of your Lambo is ready?
    It Will be hard to say goodbye to it…

    But have a lot of fun with it first ? ? ?

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