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I head over to Eurospares to collect our Ferrari 458 Italia from Saudi Arabia!! My early Christmas present!
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  1. Luke Walsh

    Checked out 458 prices after watchiung this. Massive price difference between 3,000 mikes and 9,000 miles. Curious to find out what the odometer reads. No matter what, congrats to Paul. Have fun!

  2. Paul Ellis

    There are quite alot of people discussing asking about ownership …. Did Paul pay did eurocarparts pay etc
    What difference does it make?
    Seriously what difference does it make ?
    Your going to see a special car been upgraded and hopefully driven enthusiastically
    At the end of the day we own nothing the government owns it
    Don't pay your car tax the government takes it
    Don't pay your council tax guess what the government takes it
    So wake up people you me and every other person does not own any thing
    Guess what 1.5mtr down below ground level the queen owns it all
    So you find anything of value on "your" land it will be taken and used by the crown
    So who gives a ….. About ownership
    None of us really own any thing unless your a gangster gypsy ???
    My apologies I should have been clearer I'm talking about cars not toothbrushes and small items I'm talking about land, cars, homes, businesses property

  3. Monkeyman

    I know you don’t interact with your subscribers Paul but I would really love to know how you have manage to perfect the look of a Proboscis monkey?
    It’s truly amazing! ??

  4. Sean Harding

    I think he's working for or with EuroSpares… they will add bits onto the car to spec it up and Paul will drive around in it, advertising the company EuroSpares – just a guess.

  5. Tom Rees

    As the vehicle has been imported to the UK it can't be driven on foreign plates because its owned by a person or company who's permanently resident here. That drive home was technically illegal. It needs to be registered with UK plates before you can drive it mate.

  6. fdiv06

    Owned and driven by UK resident requires registering with DVLA for UK plates as it's running illegally on foreign plates. Police can seize it immediately under Op Trivium legislation.

  7. Vince C

    "well looked after car" from KSA? Suspect you may have issues down the road as it may have a Ferrari service history but from KSA it will have been hammered. Paint will need attention also.

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