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Test driving or test riding my first motorbike! I went down to Honda UK Motorcycles HQ to see what could be my first motorbike!!

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  1. TOM C.

    Supercars of London, has to have a Honda Fireblade superbike. For lords sake, don't kill yourself, but that's the bike you should choose, and I'm only 2:30 minutes in. 13 minutes in, it's not about what the dealer will be happy with, it's what your VIEWERS will be happy with! 14:20 minutes in, Are you kidding me? A CBR 650R w/DCT, that's grandmas bike, not a supercar aficionados ride! Like you said, it's not a commuter bike so why the automatic transmission? And the speed of that Fireblade, how could you pass it up? I've had fast bikes, not like the Fireblade, but fast, and you have the control, it's no more dangerous than any other bike if you don't push it to the limits. Chicken! Heheee

  2. Arian Kukaj

    The fireblade is the only bike in there you should buy. It has power modes so you wont be killing yourself and you can grow into it. And when your feeling more comfortable you can simply change the power mode.

  3. SupaAwesomeFace

    All those bikes except the africa twin and fireblade are basically beginner bikes. I would take the 650r first and go on to a fireblade in a year or two. Myself i started on a cbr 600rr and im fine, u just have to have some respect for the power.

  4. Drew Cloutier

    You can't go wrong with a triumph my dude! It it the perfect first bike as well as a keeper. I have one in the states and turn heads every day. Also there is so much custom work you can do to them. All of my custom work is British Customs. Look into it man!

  5. Tee Cee

    If Honda was the only option I'd go for a CBR600RR then upgrade to a Fire Blade. lol I started with a CBR600RR then 2 months later leaped to an R1 BIG BANG…yes I know it was stupid but I did it.

  6. MotoUk

    Honda if you would like to sponsor a few bikes for some loaners on my channel please take a look and get back to me contact details in my video descriptions. Thanks MotoUK

  7. Dankeller69

    I went from a BMW g650 gs to Aprilia Tuono V4 1100. Its all in the wrist is to how fast you go. Also Most sports bikes come with Quickshifter and auto blipper so it negates the DCT gearbox.

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