CHEAP Ford Focus RS vs NEW Focus ST!!

CHEAP Ford Focus RS vs NEW Focus ST!!
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New vs Used with Fast Fords!! The Used Ford Focus RS vs NEW Ford Focus ST. Which should you buy?
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30 Replies to “CHEAP Ford Focus RS vs NEW Focus ST!!”

  1. Peter McElvogue

    Friggin hell Archie wasn’t even in the video & still got pelters from Tony. The Focus RS is a future classic so if you can afford one & have it as a second car it’s gonna make you money over time. You only have to look at past Ford RS cars to see that.

  2. MunroM84

    I'd take the Type-R over the RS all day.
    I don't think i've ever seen a car driven fast on SOL.
    Should take a page from LivingLifeFast and OfficiallyGassed channels.

  3. Steve BHP DEVON

    I was going to sell my rs mk3 for a focus st but depreciation is to much, instead put the mountune m400r 400 bhp 413 pf, I spent less doing that than the depreciation which I would loose buying the st in the first 6 months/year of ownership, the smiles never stop with the power and the handling cheers steve ??

  4. Ingvar Törmä

    I have been following your vlog for a long time and thought it was good except when you have about Motorcycles. You said in a video a while ago that you have listened to those who follow you and obey them to only make one movie a week. I wonder isn't it YOU who has the SOL fly ?? then it is you who decides how many films you should make per week. If the whineers don't want to see any more, it's up to them and they don't look at them. But I'm sure more than just I want to see new movies several times a week

  5. Mindaugas Kliukas

    Great brand! The revolutionary eco-boost engines! BUT, it doesn't matter whether it's rs, st or other, Ford have screwed up big time with the latest generation. The cars' have gotten ugly AF. I'm talking about both Focus and Fiesta. Those ugly front grills on both, ugly lights both front and back. Inside that ugly, pop-up style infotainment screen….. I'd take previous gen all day – that was really effective and good looking release!

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