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Welcome to a new exciting series on SupercarsofLondon with Eurospares! We are BUYING a cheap supercar from the middle east. So I went Supercar shopping in Dubai to understand the market and prices!!

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37 Replies to “BUYING a CHEAP SUPERCAR from Dubai | Ep.1”

  1. Nebulacore98

    8:36 "A Fab Design SLS"
    Points to Fab Design SLR… …

    Still, great video. I'd definitely love to see choices on cheap sports cars/supercars. Especially older ones like the Porsche 996, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Toyota MR-S, Maserati Gran Turismo, etc

  2. smacheath

    Pretty grotesque video – cool to see the cars but gross to see the whole “£84k oh let’s buy it now” attitude which implies ‘we’ve got much more than that’ – which means this is a video about money rather than cars.

    That said… if you don’t buy that Gallardo I’m going to!

  3. S2000Y

    Having just looked at there website my conclusion is that there cars are not cheap. ( You need to take into account they are left hand hookers) and you are looking at dealer prices. Then you need to factor in 20% import cost, changing headlights to conform to the registration process, shipping and the cost of you flying out to Dubai and back. Then you have to find someone to buy it over here . Good luck mate but if you can get that La Ferrari you mentioned for under £100k you will be onto a winner.

  4. Fraser Wright

    The arse is about to drop out of the supercar over financed cars market. No one is buying them, even Paul is not that stupid it would seem. The tide is going out and there will be a lot of Yezzy boys asking Dad for money in the next 6 months.

  5. Colin Wright

    Dubai cars run coolant radiator Sytems, not anti freeze, it’s not a simple conversion. Dubai cars AC systems can freeze the nuts off a penguin, too powerful for Europe. Dubai cars also run sand filter systems, no pollen filters. Check your ECU, they often won’t pass EU requirements, also the cats are sometimes different spec. Often whatever you save on the car, gets lost in modification to make it drivable in the U.k. finally, few people ever want to buy a car important from the Gulf due to traceability and the Arabic writing on the manufacturer worries some buyers. Just some advice from someone who lived in Dubai for 15 years,

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