Bugatti Chiron | The SECRET Behind 300MPH Ep.2

Bugatti Chiron | The SECRET Behind 300MPH Ep.2
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Episode 2 of my Performance & Endurance challenge with Michelin. I experience the mind blowing Bugatti Chiron for the first time AND FLY A PLANE!!! What an insane day!
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28 Replies to “Bugatti Chiron | The SECRET Behind 300MPH Ep.2”

  1. Grant

    Congratulations Paul. You're a great YouTuber in your own right, and it's cool to see you team up with great partners like Michelin, too. I enjoy your videos from Japan. I'm also looking forward to you hitting the 1M subscriber mark in the future.

  2. SportZnTouring

    Paul, that was a joy to watch. From taking public transport to film random super cars in London to this epic piece. We've followed from the early days, seen the whole journey. Simply awesome!

  3. Sunedosa

    The biggest secret is that it took them a pair of bigger turbos and several hundred more horsepower than the standard car, the 1600hp announced for the street version is nowhere near the final figiure. They improved the acceleration time from 280-400kmh with almost 12 seconds, impossible with just 100hp more. Also the main reason why they didn't run 2 directions this time wich they did with both the Veyron and the Veyron SS is that they could not produce and avg speed of 300mph+. I applaud them for going 300mph, wouldn't hurt with a tad more transparency though.

  4. collyersam

    Be proud, that was a really, really, great video – coming from an infrequent, non-subscriber viewer.

    Also. When I see Michelin tyres on a car, I know that person wants the best; they're truly a brand which can be trusted.

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