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It’s been a while since i’ve been THIS excited to drive a car! Welcome to the brand new Peugeot 208 and e-208. Two fantastic looking city super mini’s that I fell in love with in Portugal!!

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44 Replies to “BRAND NEW 2020 PEUGEOT 208 & e-208 | FIRST DRIVE”

  1. Damien Eaves

    Nice but the wheel arches in black are wrong, for me it looks like that cars is raised by 70mm for a car to look good for the wheels to fill the arch. Also no mention of a snake!

  2. JohnnyNr5

    I think the cars are good enough, but the infrastructure still needs A LOT of work. Personally i'd be happy to run an EV as a daily, but i don't have the money for it currently.

  3. BobH809

    I think, as do many others, that the main issue with this version and previous '200' series Puegeot's is that steering wheel in the way of the 'dials.' I saw the e-208 at Silverstone when I was at the Fully Charged Show in June this year. Looks better in the metal than pictures. Peugeot have made a massive step up in my opinion. Current design language is cool, in the past, not the least bit cool (except for the old 205).

  4. Erwin Koreneef

    Lol… So what is the next brand that still wants to loans you cars to review? Lada? Start reading your comments and listen to your followers. Even tge tv and archie Hamilton (is never) racing, pull more views

  5. Aimeryc Viricel

    Hi from France! The 208 is incredible and so beautiful. The E is the best way to have a good looking electric car next to your lambo. Peugeot is making so looking good and sexy cars this year. Bon courage pour la suite et tes vidéos son au top ??

  6. henryhol8538

    Brilliant! Peugeot has come a long way. My 308 daily driver has the same Jeremy Clarkson championed engine as the GT line featured here. Does everything you would need from a motorway cruiser.

  7. Makke

    If I would need a second car, the e-208 would definitely be on my shortlist. You should get one as a daily or for the misses.
    Btw would have been nice to see a bit more of the car, backseats, boot etc.

  8. Shiznuts

    Not sure about those wheelarches.
    But otherwise… really good job on the looks!
    It's like a sabretooth tiger!
    Hyundai and Peugeot came out swinging for the competition it seems.

  9. James Brearley

    I'm yet to see a new car that's out today that i would spend so much money on (average cars) i mean, don't get me wrong it's a smart looking thing, but looks like every other new car out on the road in my opinion, nothing that stands out, however that E-LEGEND from the Geneva motor show, yes please I'll have some of that.

  10. Arran Grant

    Hi Paul I would be interested to see you reviewing the new Vauxhall Corsa e which shares the same chassis and drivetrain as the Peugeot as Peugeot now own Opel/Vauxhall.As the owner of a 2016 Vauxhall Corsa Vxr I am seriously considering buying one when they come out soon in the UK
    Keep up the good work you have a great channel I’m surprised that you haven’t been snapped up by someone on tv I loved your motorbike ? videos you did recently ??

  11. CD Arthur

    Funny, but after seeing the 208 on video at the car show. I have scanned all over YouTube looking for more videos of the car. The design hit the bullseye! No question! Glad you were given this car to test. Peugeot should give you or Seb Delaney, maybe both a long term loaner so the cool car world get more exposure. To bad we Americans don't get it ?

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