Audi Senses: sound — Vochlea converts your voice into musical instruments (ad)

When inventor George Philip Wright stumbled across a clip of Michael Jackson making making the noises of musical instruments with his voice, it gave him an idea. “Here is one of the most influential artists of all time,” he muses, “and if you took the recording he just did vocally and gave that to a band, they would create the exact song. So what if you could create some kind of artificial intelligence that was capable of doing that?”

That’s exactly what George has done. The engineer has created the Vochlea – a microphone that can turn your voice into any musical instrument. Make the sound of a trumpet with your vocal chords, for example, and the Vochlea will project it as a real trumpet. Hum a guitar tune, and the riff will emerge as if you have played it on a Fender.

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