Are McLaren Right to Call it the Senna? | 675LT VLOG

Let’s talk all things McLaren and exciting thoughts about the upcoming Senna! Any excuse to take my McLaren, the 675LT Spider and stretch the legs is great, although for now the Senna video is having to stay under embargo. In the mean time, BenzeneBen and I talk about how McLaren have risen to making cars like the BP23 and Senna in such an incredibly short time while enjoying the drive in the LT, who wouldn’t!?

Stay tuned for the Senna video to drop, there are details and bits of information about this car that I can’t wait to share with you. For now, jump in with us in London to head to the location with Ben taking the wheel and discussing McLaren’s history and rise as well as whether it’s appropriate for the car to use Ayrton’s name?

Thanks for watching, Tim