2020 Land Rover DEFENDER vs NEW Aston Martin DBX

2020 Land Rover DEFENDER vs NEW Aston Martin DBX
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Two of the hottest, most talked about SUV’s! The 2020 Land Rover Defender and the 2020 Aston Martin DBX! I went to TWO Grange Dealerships to check them out in the flesh!!

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42 Replies to “2020 Land Rover DEFENDER vs NEW Aston Martin DBX”

  1. HANNON1066

    £165-170k for the average spec, I personally think these car manufacturers are just taking the piss to be honest, no way is this worth that kind of money. Crazy

  2. Shiznuts

    Kinda like the Defender.
    Love that it's so functional looking… but that doesn't neccessarily make it ugly, I quite like it.
    I'm not that big of a fan of the Range Rovers… they're so 'look at me, I play soccer/am a rapper' lol… and at the same time, you see them everywhere so they aren't actually all that special at all. Now… if you drive a Defender… I know the owner is going to get down and dirty on trails with it! Instant respect.

  3. Shiznuts

    DBX is quite nice. Definitely would prefer it to say an Urus/Audi.
    Though… Bentayga… would probably even have more comfort and class perhaps?
    Posche Panamera perhaps a sportier drive?

  4. Pete Miller

    The DBX looks interesting, though that grill is a wee-bit too big IMO. The Defender could be a big player, if it's capabilities are what I think they might well be!

  5. Tom

    Paul you ain't a mug. But saying 45k is cheap motoring is stupid. Also that isn't a 45k motor once you have even glimpsed at the options list…….

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